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Employee Engagement

When employees feel valued, they create valuable experiences for their customers. Successful managers understand that a satisfied and engaged workforce is crucial to customer satisfaction.

In every industry, satisfied employees are an organization’s best ambassadors.

SIMON and SIMON offers managers a variety of qualitative tools: surveys, focus groups, interviews and behavioral assessments, to determine employee satisfaction and engagement. Our solutions help identify concerns before they become problems.

We work closely with management to design coaching, employee and management training, conflict resolution and mediation. We identify needs, determine available and required resources, and create a clear timeline for action.

At SIMON and SIMON, we believe in assessment, problem solving and effective decision-making.

We believe in improving corporate culture, one person at a time.


SIMON and SIMON complements coaching and training programs with individualized, customized Everything DiSC behavioral assessments, used to enhance classroom learning and employee engagement. Participants learn about their individual strengths and challenges as employees and managers.

They gain perspective and learn how to adapt to the needs of their colleagues — making a more effective, engaged workplace. The assessments provide an outstanding dialogue tool for:

  • Understanding Workplace Behavior
  • Management
  • Professional Coaching
  • Executive Retreats
  • Team Building
  • Leadership Development

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